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China’s Leading Supplier for Loader & Excavator Parts

China’s Leading Supplier for Loader & Excavator Parts


A complete range of parts to suit your Excavator, Wheel Loader, Skid Steer and more. Your one stop shop for all Earthmoving and Construction equipment parts.


WENZHOU HESHENG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD  is able to offer customers access to a wide range of Genuine, OEM or Aftermarket parts to suit brands such as Terex, Caterpillar, Fleetguard,Hitachi,Allison,Cummins,Komatsu,Liebherr and more….


Main Hydraulic Pumps

Final Drives

Slew Reduction gears

Hydraulic Cylinders

Main Control Valves

Axles & wheel reduction assemblies

Transmitters, sensors & switches & more


These parts can offer a considerable saving


Secondhand & Reconditioned Parts

As well as genuine, OEM and aftermarket parts, we are also able to supply top quality secondhand and reconditioned parts for Hyundai, Doosan, Samsung and Volvo. Therefore, these parts can offer a considerable saving from buying new when reconditioned will suit.


Reconditioned Parts for Mining and Earthmoving Equipment


We also have the option to supply quality reconditioned parts at reduced price from the new component. Main control valves, reduction gears and differentials are just a few of the products we can supply. These can be supplied as a reconditioned unit. So talk to us about the options we can provide for your parts required.


Secondhand Parts for Mining and Earthmoving Equipment


IALUS can source quality secondhand parts to keep your machinery moving at a greatly reduced cost. As a result, saving you money. With a wide range of parts available, including final drives, differentials, education gears to name a few. While the cost of a new part is prohibitive, let us help with quality parts and equipment that will keep your machinery working.

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