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Knowledge about brake pads

Knowledge about brake pads


How often should the brake pads be changed?


The replacement time period of the brake pads is not fixed, which depends on the road conditions of the vehicle, the frequency and strength of the driver's depressing of the brake pedal. Under normal driving conditions, the life of the front brake pads is 2-4W kilometers, and the life of the rear brake pads is 5-10W kilometers.


How to tell if brake pads need replacing


1. Observation method


The thickness of a new brake pad (excluding the thickness of the steel back plate of the brake pad) is generally about 10mm. When the thickness of the brake pad is only about 1/3 of the original thickness (about 3mm) left by the naked eye, the owner should increase the self-inspection. frequency, ready to change at any time. There is a raised mark on both sides of each brake pad. The thickness of this mark is about 2-3mm. If the thickness of the brake pad is already parallel to the mark, it must be replaced immediately.


2. Listen to the sound


If there is a slight sound of "iron rubbing against iron" when pressing the brake lightly, it is recommended to replace the brake pads immediately. Because the limit marks on both sides of the brake pads have directly rubbed the car disc, it proves that the brake pads have exceeded the limit. In such a situation, when replacing the brake pads, it is necessary to cooperate with the inspection of the brake disc. When this kind of sound occurs, the brake disc is often damaged. At this time, even if the new brake pads are replaced, the noise cannot be eliminated. In severe cases, the brake disc needs to be replaced. .


3. Feel the strength


When the brake pads become thinner, the braking effect will be affected. At this time, it is necessary to press the brake pedal deeper to achieve the braking effect that can be achieved by pressing lightly, and the braking effect in the first half is significantly weakened. If you feel your brakes become soft and can't stop a bit, it is time to check whether the brake pads need to be replaced.


In addition, there are people who have only two options for their feet during driving: refueling and pressing the brakes. The frequency of slamming on the brakes has reached a very high level. In fact, such people are not in the minority. As a result of this, it is naturally 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, and the brake pads have to be replaced once.


Special cases to be aware of:


1. The novice's brakes generally step more, and the consumption will be larger.


2. Cars that drive in urban areas often have to stop and go, use more brakes, and wear out brake pads faster than cars that drive on highways.


3. Cars with a large load have a large loss of brake pads. In the case of deceleration and braking at the same speed, the inertia of the heavy car is large, and the friction force of the brake pads is large.


Daily maintenance is also not to be ignored


1. Pay attention to running-in after replacing the brake pads


Car owners who have just replaced the new brake pads should also pay attention to the fact that the surface of the new brake pads is flat and needs to be run in with the brake disc for a period of time (usually about 200 kilometers) to achieve the best braking effect, so drive cautiously and intensely during this time.


2. Avoid frequent sudden braking


Emergency braking will damage the brake pads very much. When driving, you should pay attention to pre-judgment in advance and brake slowly, so that the wear of the brake pads will be relatively small.


3. Correctly do four-wheel alignment


When the vehicle has problems such as deviation, it is necessary to do the four-wheel alignment of the vehicle in time to avoid damage to the tires of the vehicle, which will lead to excessive wear of the brake pads on one side of the vehicle.


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