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Dealing over 10 thousand different AFTERMARKET spare parts, with over 3.5 million US Dollars of finished spare parts and over 1 million US Dollars of semi-finished products in stock, together with over 20 years of experience on the field of heavy machinery equipment makes us one of the most versatile Brand to work with. Our parts covers the full range the vehicles including spare parts of: filters, gearbox, brake, bushing, brackets and auxiliary parts, coupling, suspension, Power Take Off, rear axle, differential, steering, valves, lifting & lubrication systems, wiring harness and electrical. Feel free to contact us to have more information.

Heavy machinery parts such as PTO are often subjected to extreme wear and tear.


This can cause them to malfunction and even fail. If this happens, it can be costly to fix or replace the part. To mitigate this risk, manufacturers put a lot of effort into designing heavy machinery parts that are reliable and durable.


PTO is essential in order for machines to function. Parts can break or wear down over time, which can lead to decreased productivity and safety issues.


PTO is integral to the functioning of machines, and as such, they must be maintained properly in order to keep them running smoothly. Parts can fail due to wear and tear, or because of contamination. When these parts fail, the machinery can become inoperable. Proper maintenance of PTO can help prevent this from happening.


If you're looking for PTO, you'll need to consider a number of factors. The type of engine the equipment runs on is one important consideration. Other factors include the size and weight of the parts, as well as their overall dimensions. You'll also want to consider how often the parts will need to be replaced, and whether they're compatible with other pieces of equipment in your operation.


PTO can be expensive to replace, and if they wear out prematurely, the machinery may have to be taken off line for repairs. Parts that are prone to failure include gears, bearings, shafts, and other components. By understanding the common causes of heavy machinery part failures and how to prevent them, you can keep your equipment running smoothly and save money in the long run.


PTO is essential for keeping machines running.


Proper maintenance and replacement of these parts can help extend the life of a machine and ensure that it operates at its best. Parts can also be difficult to find, making it important to have a reliable source for PTO.


IALUS is one of the professional PTO manufacturers in China. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish competitive advantage, and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition. We believe that innovation leads development, and we continue to create new products to meet the needs of more customers.

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