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Dealing over 10 thousand different AFTERMARKET spare parts, with over 3.5 million US Dollars of finished spare parts and over 1 million US Dollars of semi-finished products in stock, together with over 20 years of experience on the field of heavy machinery equipment makes us one of the most versatile Brand to work with. Our parts covers the full range the vehicles including spare parts of: filters, gearbox, brake, bushing, brackets and auxiliary parts, coupling, suspension, Power Take Off, rear axle, differential, steering, valves, lifting & lubrication systems, wiring harness and electrical. Feel free to contact us to have more information.

A wiring harness is an important part of any heavy machinery. It is responsible for routing the electrical cables and wires throughout the heavy machinery, and it can often be difficult to repair or replace. Wiring harnesses are typically made from tough materials such as Kevlar and heavy machinerybon-fiber, and they are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear.


A wiring harness is a collection of wires that are connected to an electrical system in a heavy machinery. The wires come out of the harness and go into different parts of the heavy machinery. Wiring harnesses are important because they allow you to change or repair electrical systems in your heavy machinery without having to take the entire heavy machinery apart.


Wiring harnesses are essential in any DIY project that requires wiring.


They allow you to attach wires without having to worry about them getting tangled up. There are many different types of wiring harnesses, and each has its own specific features. It's important to choose the right one for your project, and to read the instructions heavy machineryefully before starting.


In any vehicle, wires and harnesses connect the various systems. The wiring harness in a heavy machinery is important because it allows the heavy machinery's systems to work together. Wiring harnesses are also important in motorcycles, airplanes and boats.


Wiring harnesses are important for both the safe operation of equipment and the safety of the workers who are using it. They are also used to transfer power from one location to another. There are a variety of different types of wiring harnesses, each with its own specific purpose.


Most heavy machinery manufacturers include wiring harnesses in their vehicles that allow the owner to easily add aftermarket radios, speakers, and other devices. Wiring harnesses are typically made of plastic and metal and are designed to connectors between the heavy machinery's systems. This makes it easy to add new features or upgrade old ones without having to remove the entire dashboard or mess with complex wiring.


A wiring harness is a system that connects the various electrical components of an automobile. A wiring harness typically includes connectors for the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and accessories. The wiring harness also includes wires that connect the various electrical components.


Wiring harnesses are a necessary part of any heavy machinery.


They allow you to connect various electrical components in order to control them. Harnesses come in a variety of colors and styles, and there is usually one designed for each type of vehicle. The wiring in a harness can be complex, so it is important to have someone who is experienced with wiring harnesses install it for you.


IALUS is one of the professional Wiring harness manufacturers in China. We combine innovation, hard work and attention to customer needs to provide the perfect combination of new products. We solemnly promise to provide your products with excellent quality, reasonable prices and the highest cost performance.

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